Version 1.46.3 - Heat Loss & Heat Pump Report Exports

Version 1.46.3 – Heat Loss & Heat Pump Report Exports

In the latest product update from h2x, we have built the ability for users to export comprehensive Heat Loss and Heat Pump reports.

Based on your settings, heat loss calculations and heating system design, h2x will export a range of project-specific reports that will autofill your company logo and information.


Room-by-Room Heat Loss Calculations

This report is a detailed analysis that provides critical heat loss data for each room in a building, including a breakdown of the losses through the building fabric and ventilation.

This data informs the design of heating systems to ensure they are adequately sized to counteract these losses.

The report includes calculating the annual energy requirement, providing an estimated figure for the energy needed to maintain a consistent temperature, and contributing to developing energy-efficient heating solutions.

Room by Room Heat Loss Calculations

Room Dimensions

This report provides an overview of the dimensions for each room in the property.

This includes the floor area, room height, and areas of external and internal walls, windows, and external and internal doors.

Room Dimensions

Room Materials

This report document contains detailed information regarding the materials used in the construction of the rooms within a building, such as the types of walls, windows, and doors.

It specifies the insulation values for different components to help you to understand the thermal properties of the building materials and their impact on heat loss.

Room Materials

Space Heating Annual Demand

This report provides a detailed calculation of the annual space heating demand for a property, considering factors such as heating degree days, peak hourly demand, and the performance of a specified heat pump.

It includes the Seasonal Coefficient of Performance (SCOP), electricity consumed by the heat pump, and the total heating output.

Space Heating Annual Demand

Domestic Hot Water Annual Demand

This report details the yearly requirements for domestic hot water in terms of energy and quantity.

It calculates the daily and annual hot water loads, factors in temperatures for standard use and legionella purging.

It provides the seasonal performance factor (SPF) for the heat pump system.

Domestic Hot Water Annual Demand

Heat Pump Design Calculations

This report presents a detailed analysis of the design calculations for the heat pump system.

It calculates the annual space heating and water heating demands, the heat supplied by the heat pump excluding auxiliary heaters, and the Seasonal Coefficient of Performance (SCOP).

Additionally, it reports on the electricity consumed by the heat pump and the renewable heat supplied, highlighting the efficiency and effectiveness of the heat pump design in delivering the necessary heating requirements while optimising energy use.

This report is key for engineers looking to validate the performance of heat pump systems and their potential to reduce energy costs and carbon footprint.

Heat Pump Design Calculations

Heat Pump System Performance

This report offers a comparative analysis of the current and proposed heating systems.

It details the energy performance of the building, outlines the specifications of a new air source heat pump system, and estimates the expected energy consumption for heating and hot water needs.

This assessment helps to understand the potential energy savings and performance enhancements by switching to a renewable heating system, such as a heat pump, compared to the existing gas system.

Heat Pump System Performance

Heat Pump Noise Assessment

This report follows the MCS 020 Planning Standard for heat pumps, evaluating the noise levels emitted by heat pump installations.

It ensures that the sound levels at various positions around the installation, like neighbouring doors or windows, are within acceptable limits (below 42 dB), thus not requiring special planning permissions.

This calculation procedure includes assessments of sound power level, directivity of noise, and the impact of barriers on sound attenuation, providing a comprehensive noise impact analysis that is crucial for residential areas where noise pollution concerns are vital for community acceptance and regulatory compliance.

Heat Pump Noise Assessment

Emitter Summary

This report outlines the specifications and performance of heat emitters installed in various rooms.

It covers essential details such as design temperature, heat loss, mean water temperature, and temperature differential (Delta T) alongside the type, size, and output of each radiator.

This document enables you to assess whether the installed emitters are meeting the heat demand efficiently, ensuring each room is heated effectively.

It calculates output at various flow rates and indicates if the system’s rate meets the demand, which is critical for maintaining comfort and optimising system performance.

Heat Emitter Summary

Pipe Size Calculations

This report provides detailed calculations for the heating pipe system.

It includes pipe diameters, materials, flow velocities, pressure drops across various segments, the heat load on each segment, and also identifies the pipes on the index circuit.

This information is crucial for ensuring the water heating and distribution system meets the specific needs of the building efficiently, while also adhering to required standards for performance and safety.

Pipe Size Calculations

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