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All-in-one Heating Design Software for calculating, designing, estimating, and MCS paperwork

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Heat Loss Calculation

Simplify your room heat loss calculations with our easy-to-use MCS heating design software, perfect for off-plan assessments and on-site surveys.

The MCS-aligned results ensure your designs and installations are accurate and full compliant with industry standards.

Heat Loss Software
System Sizing - MCS Heating Design Software
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System Sizing

Design your system layout with our drag-and-drop features. Connect equipment (e.g. heat pump) and components (e.g. heat emitters) to visualise the entire setup.

CIBSE-verified calculations are automated and all systems are accurately sized with valuable insights like system volume and index length.

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Generate comprehensive MCS-aligned heat loss reports branded with your logo.

The reports include room-by-room heat loss, emitter summaries, heat pump systems performance, domestic hot water energy usage, and costs, giving you and your clients a clear overview of the project’s performance.

Reports - MCS Heating Design Software
Bill of Materials Software
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Bill of Materials

Download the automatically generated, detailed Bill of Materials.

Covering heat pumps, pipes, equipment, fittings, valves, and emitters, our tool simplifies the takeoff process, saving you time and reducing the risk of errors in ordering materials.

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Client Drawings

Impress your clients with professional PDF drawings that include title blocks, emitter schedules and are branded with your logo.

These clear, detailed drawings help present your designs effectively, facilitating quicker approvals and enhancing client satisfaction.

Client Drawings - MCS Heating Design Software
Installation Plans - MCS Heating Design Software
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Installation Plans

Keep your on-site team informed with shareable, paperless installation plans.

They’ll always have access to the latest version, complete with all the necessary details like sizes, locations, and heights, making the installation process smoother and reducing the chance of errors.

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Why Choose h2x for MCS Heating Design Software:

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User-Friendly Interface

Our software is meticulously built with the user in mind, with an intuitive design that minimises the learning curve.

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Accuracy and Quality

h2x provides precise calculations that have been independently verified by CIBSE, reducing the risk of errors.

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Time-Saving Features

The software is designed to streamline and automate routine tasks, helping teams to complete projects more efficiently.

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Industry Solution

Built by engineers and influenced by user feedback, h2x is commited to providing the industry with the best tool possible.

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Dedicated Support

We provide outstanding customer support to assist with any issues, ensuring your team gets the best out of the tool.

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Our subscription model offers an affordable solution for teams of all sizes, with the flexibility to scale up or down based on your needs.


Large Domestic Renovation, UK

"Pipe sizing is a dream with h2x being able to quickly change pipe types from copper to MLCP.

Being able to set a velocity limit of 1 means we have all the pipe sizes calculated with correct flow rates and velocity.

h2x takes away the worry of a miscalculation or undersizing of pipe work potential."


Greengate, UK

"I would estimate over the length of this project, I have spent 50% less time designing than I would on our previous software.

The ability to output the design straight into Revit assisted clash detection and coordination."


Salon Republic, USA

"The quality of the designs saw significant improvement with the adoption of h2x."

"The software offers precision through detailed result outputs and advanced options for efficient pipe sizing, allowing heating engineers to optimize based on parameters like maximum velocity and pressure drop."


What Installers Say

A game changer for the humble plumber. Incredible.

Brad Winkel

Director at Queenstown Plumbing

Brilliant, simple and easy to use. Game changer.

James Major

Director at Hubb

A big time game changer to the industry!

Viv Jude

Director at UHC

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