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Compatible with Autodesk

Seamlessly import your designs into AutoCAD and Revit at the click of a button.

Use Real Products

Choose from a range of industry-leading manufacturer products to ensure your design and calculations are accurate.

Share Your Design

Designs can be shared with project teams internally or externally to encourage collaboration.

Redesign Instantly

As the project stages evolve, make changes to the design and the calculations will instantly update.

Improved Quality Assurance

Designs and results are both in one central place - making it easier for a manager to review.

Design Warnings

Design warnings highlight where problems occur in the design. This makes it easy to troubleshoot and gives confidence that the design is accurate

Standardise Outcomes

The whole team follows the same design and calculation process instead of every engineer having their own spreadsheet

Increase Productivity

Complete designs and calculations in a fraction of the time - our users report up to 4x improvements in efficiency.

Why Teams Choose H2X


Save Time Using H2X

H2X fits seamlessly into your current design process with significant quality improvements

The Traditional Design Process

The H2X Design Process


Set the calculation parameters


Draw the Layout

H2X improves the way you design, calculate, and draft on your projects.


Review and export the results

Exceptional support

There's a reason we are rated 4.9/5 for customer support on Capterra. Our integrated help button means that a real engineer will assist with any design query, no matter how big or small. 

Proven and reliable

We have sized millions of kilometres of pipes over thousands of projects in H2X. if that sounds like a lot, it's because it is! 

Ease of Use

H2X has an incredibly simple user interface, which makes it easy to learn. We pride ourselves on providing an optimal user experience.

Built by the industry

​H2X was built by engineers, for engineers. We don’t want to change what you do, we just want to make it faster and better.

Worldwide User Base

We’ve been around a while now, and are here to stay. We’re in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East, South East Asia and now in the USA too.

Five Reasons Industry Experts

Design with H2X


Engineers Are Talking

User-friendly software that allows different design options to be quickly and accurately sized.

Mathew Yanez

Director of Plumbing Design Solutions

Simple and easy to use and saves hours on re-design/recalculating when the architect changes the floor plans!

Nick Soden

Director at NAS Hydraulics

Great product. H2X saves time on calculations and markups, allowing you to do both simultaneously.

Josh Borthwick

Manager of AECOM

The complete software package was a breath of fresh air compared to alternative hydraulic calculation software on the market. The usability of the system was effortless compared to it's competitors in the UK. It is a free flowing piece of software which allows the user to design, distribute and calculate domestic water services.

Daniel Collins

Director at Design 24 Consulting

H2X has helped us streamline some areas of our workflow by consistently allowing us to size and analyse our designs at markup stage across a broad range of projects. Currently, it is being used in residential and commercial projects.

Blake Mead

Plumbing Engineer at Intrax

Very, very useful tool that is likely to make a real impact in the industry. The team are extremely helpful, proactive and knowledgeable - able to provide general plumbing design advice as well as that pertaining to the software itself.

Kane Bailey

Plumbing Engineer at Stantec

The Future Of Plumbing Engineering

H2X is a one of a kind, revolutionary plumbing design tool that is improving the way we design plumbing systems.

improve design efficiency

improve quality

improve compliance

Our innovative and advanced cloud-based engineering software significantly improves any plumbing engineer's design efficiency, quality, and compliance.

Ready To Start?

Enable your design team to perform at higher levels than ever before



Calculation Tool

Helping plumbing engineers design flawless systems in a fraction of the time.


Water, Gas and

Sanitary Plumbing

Design Software

H2X improves the plumbing engineer's traditional design method of sketching layouts, measuring every drawn item, and manually calculating results using various spreadsheets.

We streamline the design process by having user simply set their parameters and draw the pipe layout. H2X then performs all of your calculations, gives you a cost for the system, and exports to AutoCAD and Revit.


"H2X is great for keeping up with architectural design changes. Suppose additional amenities are added, I just need to draw the amenities in H2X, connect to the existing system, and all of the results are recalculated instantly."


“I would estimate over the length of this project, I have spent 50% less time designing than I would on our previous software.”


“The ability to output the design straight into Revit assisted clash detection and coordination.”

Customer Success


Global Design Firms, Medium-Sized Consultancies, Sole Traders and Contractors



all while improving accuracy and reducing the risk of human error?

"Designing plumbing systems using traditional methods is a time-consuming, repetitive, and tedious process"


Calculate the heat loss


Calculate the static pressure


Check the results


Draft 3D model from scratch


Calculate the peak flow rate


Draw the


Size the pipework


Size the


Calculate the peak flow rate