h2x Version 1.40.0 & 1.41.0 - New Products & Improved Usability

Version 1.40.0 & 1.41.0 – New Products & Improved Usability

In this week’s product update, h2x has added Stelrad, Dutypoint, and Rheem products and improved the usability of various parts.

New Products

Stelrad (UK Only)

Your radiators will now automatically size and specify the correct Stelrad model based on the room’s heat loss and your mean water temperature.

  • Choose from P+, K2, or K3
  • Choose from Compact, Halcyon, or Softline

Dutypoint (UK Only)

You can now choose from Dutypoint’s VT booster pump range, in addition to the VG range that were already available.


This new range of booster pumps will cover:

  • 0 – 28.3 L/s
  • 0 – 9 bar
  • Configurations of:
  • Duty/Standby
  • Duty/Assist
  • Duty/Assist/Standby
  • Duty/Assist/Assist

Dutypoint Product

Rheem (ANZ Only)

In addition to their current range of Continuous Flow, Tankpak, HD Electric, and Heat Pumps, you can now specify their Eclipse, electrical water heater.


The Eclipse water heater will be automatically specified as either the 18kW or 27kW model, depending on your peak flow rate.

Rheem Product

Improved Result Filters

Heat Load Result Filters

You can now choose which result filters you want to see in the room when undertaking heat loss/heat gain calculations, helping to keep the drawing clean and only showing relevant information to your design.

Heat Load Result Filters

Result Filters

The result filters have received some changes to improve their usability and functionality:

  • A search bar to help you quickly find what you are looking for
  • Symbols added to help differentiate different components
  • Easily turn groups of result filters on/off
  • Removal of some result filters that offered little value

h2x Result Filters

Pipe Heat Load

A commonly requested result filter was to see the kW/BTU load on each section of pipe.


You can now turn that result on in the filters.

Pipe Heat Load

Improved Equipment Connections

To make it easier and quicker to connect to equipment, you can now (1) see the connection systems when hovering and (2) click to start drawing with that system.

h2x Improved Equipment Connections


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The user-friendly interface of h2x facilitates engineers in creating top-notch designs and enhancing their efficiency, all while maintaining adherence to industry regulations.



The software has already been used to size millions of kilometres of pipes in various global projects.


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