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Our passion: providing engineers with intuitive, helpful tools.

Our mission: improve the building services engineering industry.

jonathan mousdell

Jonathan Mousdell


Mechanical Engineer

jordan mills

Jordan Mills


Civil Engineer

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Yujin Wu


Software Engineer


Shannon Dalton

Customer Success

Aryan Faghihi

Aryan Faghihi

Software Engineer

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Andrew Hudson



Michael Ainscough

Design Support Engineer


Daniel Mousdell

Marketing & Design

david zhou

David Zhou

Software Engineer

Core Values

What do we care about



If a task is tedious,
repetitive, or error-prone,
we will automate it.



Designing a building
should be an exciting, enjoyable process



Our tools are aimed at the engineers that care about the quality of their work.



We're here to help
because we love to see engineers succeed.

Our Story

Our journey so far

h2x team

In 2019, a Mechanical Engineer frustrated with spreadsheets and tedious processes joined forces with a software engineer who was looking to make a big impact on the construction industry.

h2x formed and in 2020, we launched a simple cold water pipe sizing tool.

The response from the industry was incredible.

Why? The tool was intuitive and had clearly been designed with the end user in mind.

Something that building services engineers were not used to.

Fast forward to today and the team is stronger than ever and the product is improving faster than ever.

We have users across four continents, from the world's largest companies, designing the world's most famous projects

Our vision

We're only just getting started

Our vision for the future is to continue breaking boundaries in the field of engineering.

We aim to further streamline and optimise processes, enabling engineers to focus more on innovation and less on tedious tasks.

By continuously improving with cutting-edge technologies, we aspire to be the gold standard in engineering software, substantially impacting projects of all sizes.

We envision a future where our tools are an integral part of every successful engineering project, no matter where it takes place.

h2x team working

How we make an impact

From the very start, our mission has been to change the way engineers work for the better.

We've always believed in the power of our software to improve efficiency, reduce errors, and improve processes.

We love to hear that our users are realising the true value we offer.

h2x review

"MASSIVE game changer in the industry. MASSIVE"

"A Game changer. Incredible."

"Brilliant, simple, easy to use. Game changer."

"Big time game changer to the industry!"

"Game Changer for the Humble Plumber"

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There's a reason we are rated 4.9/5 for customer support on Capterra. Our integrated help button means that a real engineer will assist with any design query, no matter how big or small.