h2x Version 1.32.0 – FCU/AHU, Velux Windows & More

Version 1.32.0 – FCU/AHU, Velux Windows & More

In this week’s product update, h2x has made improvements to make the design process more accurate and efficient.


Major Updates

• You can now connect heating and chilled water to the same AHU and/or FCU.


FCU/AHU, Velux Windows & More



• You can add ‘Velux windows’ to roofs, to improve the quality of the heat loss and gain calculations.


FCU/AHU, Velux Windows & More


• There is a default volume and pressure drop for chiller preheat inlets, so you don’t need to enter them to view your results.


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h2x is design software built to ensure compliance, efficiency, accuracy and collaboration.


h2x’s straightforward user interface helps engineers produce high-quality designs and work more efficiently, all while adhering to industry regulations.



The software has already been used to size millions of kilometres of pipes in projects across the world.


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