Fire Protection Software

Let's take a look at h2x Engineering's innovative fire protection software and its effectiveness in calculations for fire sprinklers, fire hydrants, and fire hose reels.

The easy-to-use tool provides detailed and accurate results for pipe sizes, system pressures, pump duties, and much more.

After designing in h2x's software for fire protection, you can export to PDF, spreadsheets, and integrate with AutoCAD and Revit

Fire Protection Software

Fire Protection Service Calculations


Set the Parameters

Pipe Material

Maximum Velocity

Maximum Pressure Drop


Select your Systems

Fire Sprinkler

Fire Hydrant

Hose Reel


Develop the Design






Review the Results

Pipes Sizes

Flow Rates



Pump Duties




Bill Of Materials

Design Report



Explore Our Fire Design Software

Cloud Based Software

Easy-to-use Software

The simple user interface makes it easy to learn and fast to complete a design.

Design to Standards

Design to Standards

You are in control of the sizing parameters, ensuring your calculations match the requirements of the standards.

Precise and Accurate Detail

Precise and Accurate

There is no human error or 'rule of thumb' - all results are transparent and easy to review.

Effortless Redesigning

Effortless Redesigning

When the architect changes their design, it's easy to keep your design up to date.

Review Sharing

Review Sharing

Instantly share results, internally or externally, for review and comments.

Cost Estimation

Cost Estimation

Automatic cost estimation enables you to present cost-effective design choices.

Export CAD and Revit Files

Export to CAD / Revit

Once you are happy with your results in h2x, export the design into AutoCAD or Revit.

Water Pipe

Use Real Products

h2x has partnered with
manufacturers, enabling
you to specify real-life

Comparison With Other Software

While there are several fire design tools in the market, h2x Engineering's software stands out due to its ease of use, comprehensive results, powerful export capabilities, and simple review process.



Accurate Fire Calculations

Fire protection software ensures safety by allowing precise system design calculations. Accuracy here is vital because correct calculations determine how effectively a fire suppression system performs in an emergency. Missteps in this process can lead to an underperforming set-up, putting lives and assets at risk.

Failure to adhere to standards due to miscalculations can lead to regulatory penalties and compromise the building's overall safety.

The precision offered by software for fire protection is essential for system effectiveness and regulatory compliance and ultimately for the safety of people and property.

Accurate calculations provide a robust foundation for any successful fire suppression system.


Streamlined Design and Collaboration

Efficient design and collaboration are vital for successful fire protection projects.

Software for fire protection is crucial in enhancing these aspects for teams.

With features like building information modeling (BIM) integration, and cloud-based collaboration platforms, designers can create comprehensive fire protection designs, coordinate with architects and stakeholders, and guarantee seamless information exchange.

This program enables real-time collaboration, reducing coordination challenges, and minimising the risk of design conflicts.


Compliance and Safety Assurance

Compliance with safety standards and regulations is a fundamental aspect of fire protection engineering.

Fire protection software greatly assists h2x Engineering firms in meeting these requirements.

The tool incorporates fire protection industry-specific codes, standards, and best practices, ensuring that fire protection designs align with legal and regulatory frameworks.

Additionally, it enables an engineer to conduct performance-based fire engineering analysis, such as hydraulic calculations.

By leveraging software for fire protection like h2x Engineering, users can confidently deliver projects prioritising safety, minimising risks, and providing optimal fire protection solutions.

Real World Applications

h2x Engineering's software has proven its effectiveness in numerous real-world scenarios.

It has helped many fire protection business entities streamline their design process on a range of projects whilst ensuring compliance reporting with fire safety regulations.

Fire Protection Software


Fire safety calculations is a critical aspect for any project, and h2x Engineering's fire protection program offers a comprehensive software solution.

With its user-friendly design, detailed results, powerful export capabilities, and focus on wet fire calculations, it sets a high standard in fire design software.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Greengate, UK

"I would estimate over the length of this project, I have spent 50% less time designing than I would on our previous software.

The ability to output the design straight into Revit assisted clash detection and coordination."

Greengate, UK

"I would estimate over the length of this project, I have spent 50% less time designing than I would on our previous software.

The ability to output the design straight into Revit assisted clash detection and coordination."

Award-Winning Heating Design

"Using h2x was pivotal, allowing for precise heat loss calculations, pipe sizing and flow rates for each room.

This level of detail ensured that the heating load accurately matched each space's requirements, minimising energy waste and maximising comfort.

The strategic placement of heat pumps and careful sizing of pipework were crucial in maintaining minimal pressure drops over an 18-metre distance."

Greengate, UK

"I would estimate over the length of this project, I have spent 50% less time designing than I would on our previous software.

The ability to output the design straight into Revit assisted clash detection and coordination."

Salon Republic, USA

"The quality of the designs saw significant improvement with the adoption of h2x."

"The software offers precision through detailed result outputs and advanced options for efficient pipe sizing, allowing heating engineers to optimise based on parameters like maximum velocity and pressure drop."


What Installers Say

What Consultants Say

A game changer for the humble plumber. Incredible.

Brad Winkel

Director at Queenstown Plumbing

Brilliant, simple and easy to use. Game changer.

James Major

Director at Hubb

Big time game changer to the industry!

Viv Jude

Director at UHC

Incredible software! Super user-friendly and allows you to save so much time.

Devni Gamage

Engineer at DMA

h2x is great software, our company use it nearly every day. It is easy to use with direct conversion from h2x to Revit.

Callum Craig

Engineer at WDE

h2x is fantastic software. It is very easy to use and the ability to output to Revit is a fantastic time saver.

Joe Kirrane

Engineer at MEP


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