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Dead Legs are the volume of water in a pipe branch.

Velocity is the average speed of a fluid travelling through a pipe.

Pressure is the force required to move water through a pipe.

Flow Rate is the volume of water travelling through a pipe.

Calculate the loss of heat of a building, room by room.

Gas is used to fuel heat elements within a building.


Domestic Heat Pump

"After learning how to use the software, we are able to have a domestic project sized in no more than an hour or two.

We get a presentable PDF drawing set to share with our client and h2x automatically generates the Bill of Quantities at the same time, which is great for estimating and material orders.

Most importantly, we have accurate pipe-sizing calculations for our heat-pump installations which ultimately leads to well-performing systems and happy clients."



“I would estimate over the length of this project, I have spent 50% less time designing than I would on our previous software.”

“The ability to output the design straight into Revit assisted clash detection and coordination.”


What Installers Say

What Consultants Say

A game changer for the humble plumber. Incredible.

Brad Winkel

Director at Queenstown Plumbing

Brilliant, simple and easy to use. Game changer.

James Major

Director at Hubb

Big time game changer to the industry!

Viv Jude

Director at UHC

Incredible software! Super user-friendly and allows you to save so much time.

Devni Gamage

Engineer at DMA

h2x is great software, our company use it nearly every day. It is easy to use with direct conversion from h2x to Revit.

Callum Craig

Engineer at WDE

h2x is fantastic software. It is very easy to use and the ability to output to Revit is a fantastic time saver.

Joe Kirrane

Engineer at MEP


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