Version 1.30.3 - Fixed Fenestration Drawings, History View & More

Version 1.30.3 – Fixed Fenestration Drawings, History View & More!

We’re excited to bring you the latest product update (1.30.3) from h2x Engineering, packed with essential fixes and improvements that enhance your experience.




Enhanced Flow Rate Units: Now, you have the flexibility to design using L/s or L/min as your preferred flow rate unit of measurement. Tailor your calculations to fit your project’s specific requirements seamlessly.


h2x Engineering Product Update Version 1.30.3 - Fixed Fenestration Drawings, History View & More


Improved History View: Our revamped history view makes project management easier than ever. Effortlessly review and revert to previous project changes, ensuring your designs are always on track.


Extended BS806 LU Values: We’ve extended the BS806 LU values range up to 15,000, providing you with even more precise data for your projects. Experience greater accuracy and reliability in your calculations.


h2x Engineering Product Update Version 1.30.3 - Fixed Fenestration Drawings, History View & More




Resolved Fenestration Drawing Issues: Our diligent team has successfully fixed the fenestration drawing problems, ensuring that your drawings are accurate and reliable throughout your projects.


Enhanced Total Heat Load Results Display: Experience improved clarity and accessibility with Total Heat Load results. This update enhances your ability to analyse and optimise thermal performance.


Streamlined Pump Selection: In line with regional requirements, we’ve removed UPS Grundfos pump models from UK and US projects. This ensures that your pump selection aligns seamlessly with your project location.


Optimised Heat Loss Visibility: Our ongoing commitment to excellence is evident in the enhanced visibility of heat loss results. You can now access and interpret these crucial insights with greater ease.


At h2x Engineering, we’re committed to delivering tools that empower your engineering endeavors. Stay ahead with these updates and create exceptional projects with confidence.


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