H2X Is Perfect For All Types Of Projects

As a versatile and powerful software, H2X is the tool that every designer needs for success.

Use Cases

Plumbing engineers rely on H2X to design heating, water, gas and drainage systems for construction projects around the globe.

H2X has been used to design over 3,500 projects across a broad range of building types and use cases.

Commercial Buildings

Commercial Buildings

Casinos in Australia, offices in the UK, stadiums in the Middle East, you name it - H2X has done it.​

H2X’s unique features have allowed engineers the ability not only to meet deadlines with ease but also provide value-engineered design options - allowing you to impress clients with high-quality plumbing designs.

-Residential Property

Residential Property

Using H2X, you can easily design a residential building, no matter the size or scale. From single-storey domestic jobs to care homes and even landmark high rises - we have you covered.

Design confidently on any type of residential project with our ability to assess different designs while considering any unique systems, such as rainwater reuse.

-Heatlhcare Centers

Healthcare Centres

H2X has been used on a wide range of healthcare projects, from regional medical clinics to major city-centre hospitals with thousands of beds. Our automatic dead leg calculations help engineers meet the stringent requirements that healthcare projects demand.

H2X users save up to 83% on the average design and calculation time for large commercial fit-outs.

H2X users save up to 63% on the average design and calculation time for large residential buildings.

H2X users save up to 80% on the average design and calculation time for large healthcare buildings.

Other Project Examples Commonly Designed in H2X

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Beyond residential, commercial and healthcare projects, engineers have used H2X to complete a number of other projects, including:


Government Buildings




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