H2X has partnered with industry-leading manufacturers and suppliers so that engineers can design with confidence, knowing that our calculations are performed using data from real-life products. Learn more about some of our strategic partnerships here.

erosion corrosion

Stainless Steel or Copper Pipes? By Allmach

Learn about the differences between stainless steel and copper pipes – which is stronger, cheaper, more hygienic, and faster to install?

Layered efficiency in Booster Pumps from DAB

An Introduction to Variable Frequency Drives, Permanent Magnetic Motors and Operation Mode within Booster Sets.

Water Surge Protection from Flowtech

Flowtech Water Solutions are experts in water services and water booster sets. They supply a wide range of standard and custom products across the UK. After partnering with h2x, they have shared their extensive knowledge in Water Surge to benefit h2x’s audience of engineers.

Sizing Hot Water Plant from Rheem

Sizing Hot Water Plant from Rheem

Includes a worked example of TankPak sizing. Rheem are the experts in hot water sizing and has teamed up with.