h2x Version 1.31.0 – Specify The Properties Of Radiators & More!

Version 1.31.0 – Specify Radiator
Properties & More!

In this week’s product update, h2x has added immense value to our users by allowing users to automatically size radiators (for surveying existing systems) and by improving the building heat loss calculations (for sizing mechanical HVAC systems).


Major Updates

Specify your radiator based on:


A fixed kW (e.g. 2 kW)


The exact type and dimensions (e.g. type 22 – 1m H x 2m W)


Let h2x size it automatically and set an upper bound (e.g. below a window with a height of 0.6m)




A range of improvements have been made to the way you undertake heat loss/gain calculations:


You can specify default dimensions for windows, doors, and wall thicknesses


Default dimensions for windows, doors, and wall thicknesses


The total heat loss/gain for the building/level is provided on the screen as you draw


Building Level heat loss result


You can multi-select rooms to copy and paste them


The option to calculate in the default units of BTU or kW


You can add thermal bridging to heat gain calculations


A ‘heat emitter’ section has been added to the report export


Heat emitter section has been added to the report export


You can now add a pressure loss to your heat pumps


End-to-end tests for the heat loss calculations



Cloning with history for very large projects


Height issue when drawing some pipes


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