h2x Version 1.48.0 - Underfloor Heating (Phase 1) & More

Version 1.48.0 – Underfloor Heating (Phase 1) & More

Major Update: Underfloor Heating (Phase 1)



We’ve launched Phase 1 of our Underfloor Heating feature.

You can link rooms to manifolds, which auto-size the manifold, hatch the rooms, and incorporate them into the report and drawing exports.

Underfloor Heating Phase 2 (pipe spacing design) and Phase 3 (loop layout) are coming soon.


• Option to download the heat loss report into one file.

Underfloor Heating Heat Loss Report

• Display heat loss per square meter to room heat loss calculations.

Building with Results showing in Rooms - W/m2

• Improvements to inserting and specifying radiators.

– Select a fixed dimension rather than a maximum dimension.

(This ensures that the radiators on the project can be consistently sized.)

– Specify the exact dimensions of each radiator, both width and height, rather than just one dimension.

h2x Radiator and Properties

• Enter wall lengths (for heat loss) using your keyboard.

– This improves the efficiency of doing your heat loss calculations in h2x after completing a house survey.

(Whilst drawing a room, type, e.g. “1.6” on the keyboard – a vector of length 1.6m will be projected from the last snap point towards your mouse. Hit “Enter” to confirm the point, or continue moving the mouse to dismiss.)

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