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Our Mission of Overcoming Plumbing Design Defects

Whilst this cost does not always get repaid by the engineer, the price is paid in a damaged relationship.

Our mission is to reduce this percentage. We believe defects from the design phase should not be accepted as an industry standard.

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Backflow Prevention Valves scenario 1 2 and 3 showing toxic measurement

Designing RPZ Backflow Prevention Valves

As an example, if you were connecting a potable water supply to the HVAC system, this would require backflow prevention because of the chemicals used in the HVAC system.

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How to Size Gas Pipework in 4 Simple Steps flow rate pipe size

Gas Pipe Sizing in 4 Simple Steps

When undertaking gas pipe sizing, the pressure loss through the pipes cannot exceed the difference between the starting pressure and the pressure required at the appliances.

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Prefabricate Your Design & Calculation Process

‘Prefabrication’ is a word that has positive connotations, and rightly so. The word associates with quality, efficiency, innovation, and organisation.

Prefabrication within the construction industry naturally makes you think of the construction phase of a project

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Sizing a Ring Main with a Diversified Flow Rate pressure loss

Sizing a Ring Main with a Diversified Flow Rate

It appears that sizing a ring main accurately is a black art within the industry that has no endorsed engineering process or calculations.

When developing H2X, we explored various options as we assessed the most fit for purpose solution to include in our calculations. The different options and each of their pros and/or cons are summarised below.

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