Salon Republic, West Hollywood

Salon Republic, West Hollywood A3 Engineering Case Study
Salon Republic, West Hollywood A3 Engineering Case Study

Project Overview

A3 Engineering undertook a series of plumbing (cold water, hot water, hot water return, sanitary and vents) system designs for Salon Republic retail spaces across California.

Each project required a unique approach due to their different layouts and nuances.

Time Savings Using h2x

After integrating h2x into their workflow, A3 Engineering experienced a significant reduction in time spent on the design.

Each project was significantly reduced by 50%, only taking 8 hours to produce a Revit model with highly accurate sizing.

This was achieved through h2x’s automated system sizing and user-friendly interface, which enabled fast drawing of the layout.

The Slowness of Traditional Methods

Following traditional methods is considerably more time-consuming, requiring 16 hours (a 100% increase) to complete this project.

The additional time involves tedious tasks such as manually counting components, labelling them, and inputting them into charts.

This is all in addition to the slower process of drawing the system layouts.

This extensive process means that making adjustments to designs is challenging in response to updated architectural backgrounds or client requests.

Improved Design Quality

The quality of the designs saw significant improvement with the adoption of h2x.

The software offers precision through detailed result outputs and advanced options for efficient pipe sizing, allowing engineers to optimise based on parameters like maximum velocity and pressure drop.

h2x also provides accurate return pump sizing and calculations of pressure throughout the system, instilling confidence in the design’s accuracy and compliance.

The ability to make quick updates to designs when the architect changes the layout ensures that high-quality accuracy is maintained throughout the duration of the project.

Why A3 Engineering use h2x

The team at A3 Engineering uses h2x because of the following key benefits:

  • Time Efficiency: The software’s ability to halve the project design time is a major advantage, allowing for faster project delivery and higher margins.
  • Quality Assurance: The detailed and accurate results ensure a superior standard of design work, providing greater confidence among both the engineers and the clients.
  • Adaptability: h2x proved invaluable when dealing with architectural changes, as the software’s flexibility meant our engineers could quickly adjust designs according to updated layouts.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The intuitiveness of the software makes it easy for the team to draw the system and assess which layout offers the most value to the client.

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