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Version 1.51.0 – Underfloor Heating (Phase 2) & More

Major Update: Phase 2 for Underfloor Heating



We’re excited to announce the launch of Phase 2 of our Underfloor Heating feature (click here to read about Phase 1).

With the latest pipe spacing update to h2x’s underfloor heating feature, users can now enjoy enhanced design and calculation capabilities, including:

  • Increased customisation of Project Settings for underfloor heating
  • Ability to exclude unheated areas from the design
  • Addition of floor finish parameters
  • Inclusion of maximum loop and available roll length
  • Option to add selected rooms to the manifold
  • Setting the water temperature
  • More comprehensive data in the results view

Based on data from CIBSE’s Underfloor Heating Design & Installation Guide (find it here), users will benefit from:

  • Automated pipe spacing results
  • Floor surface temperature monitoring (with high-temperature warnings)
  • PDF export with manifold and coil schedules
  • Detailed bill of materials
  • Comprehensive calculation reports

Stay tuned for the final Phase 3 (loop layout) of our new feature, coming soon.

It will showcase the underfloor heating pipe layout in rooms for even greater design precision.


  • Expanded data in the building heat loss results
  • Additional settings for customising radiator flow systems
  • Improved display of radiator information

Bug Fixes

  • Various bug fixes to improve stability and user experience
  • Resolved issue with the Manufacturer dashboard sorting products into projects
  • Added accuracy in unit conversions with increased decimal points
  • Fixed exporting issues for heat pump system performance on old projects
  • Improved consistency of flow temperature display
  • Ensured rooms below ground are counted towards total building heat loss
  • Corrected capacity field duplication for GIT’s and Rheem systems
  • Fixed issue where deleting a UFH manifold also deleted room heating information
  • Resolved login issues experienced by some users
  • Improved system performance when inserting windows into a project

We’re committed to continuously improving our software to provide you with the best possible experience.

Previous Updates & Features

Version 1.48.1

New Features:

Increase customisation options for company logos in reports & drawings.


Version 1.48.2

New Features:

Improved roof calculations and usability by allowing drawing roofs on any angles.


Improved units conversions between imperial and metric units.

Routine maintenance and calculation checks.


Version 1.48.3

New Features:

We now have PDF exports for heat loss reports.

Users can now add in custom plant into ventilations systems.


Decluttered Heat Emitter Summary for ease of understanding.

The ability to move the .PDF cropbox together with the PDF while holding “ctrl” on Windows or “command” on Apple.


Version 1.49.0

New Features:

Room Volume is now available as a result in the room calculations.


Alter the display of units in Ventilation to show Pascals and add CFM flow rate.


Routine maintenance, stability improvement and calculation checks.


Version 1.49.1

h2x Heatmaps Duct Sizing Software

New Features:

Added the ability to display heatmaps in ventilation.

Added the ability to show index runs for ventilations systems.

Users are now able to add more outlets to ventilation manifolds.

Increased customisation.


Version 1.50.0

New Features:

Pressure drop is now also shown on the damper and displayed separately.


General software performance upgrades and improvements.

Updated DWH preheat rating tooltip.

Added duct fittings to the Bill of Materials.

Improved database performance.

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