Version 1.32.1 - Emitter Schedule, Custom Rooms, Noise Level Calculations & More

Version 1.32.1 – Emitter Schedule, Custom Rooms, Noise Level Calculations & More

This week’s product update brings valuable new features to our mechanical/heating engineer users.


Major Improvements

Include a heat emitter schedule on your PDF drawing exports.


Heat emitter schedule on PDF drawing exports


Create custom rooms for the heat loss calculations.


• This allows you to define the internal temperature and number of air changes per hour


Custom rooms for heat loss calculations


Undertake noise level calculations at your heat pump to check compliance with MCS 020.


• Export the results to our heat loss design report.


Export results to heat loss design report



A refreshed PDF Export page.



The AS3500 reference year was updated from ‘2018’ to ‘2021’.


• Note this was just a text change, it does not affect the loading unit or fixture unit conversions


The radiator export references in the Bill of Materials were updated.


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