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H2X Product Update - 1.13.6

🔥 H2X Product Update – 1.13.6

We have made significant improvements to the functionality of heating. You can watch this short video to see how H2X.

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H2X Product Update - 1.10.7

H2X Product Update – 1.10.7

The latest release of H2X significantly improves performance and functionality. 1. Performance 🚀 Drawing is ∼4x faster Calculations are ∼3x.

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H2X Product Update - 1.10.2

H2X Product Update – 1.10.2

H2X will now size your booster pumps, calculate dead leg wait times, and has some general improvements to the usability..

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Influence H2X’s Product Roadmap

With our users providing us with lots of important feature requests, our development team has been busy planning the product roadmap to implement these features.

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