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Air Conditioning Calculation Tool

We’re excited to announce that h2x now includes chilled water for the design and calculation of air conditioning systems.



With this new feature, you can easily and accurately design chilled (and heating) water systems for any building. The simple workflow is:


  1. Add equipment
    • Chillerswhat is a chiller
    • Cooling Towerswhat is a cooling tower
  2. Draw the pipe layoutchilled water pipes
  3. Add Flow Rates
    • Air Handling Unitswhat is an air handling unit
    • Fan Coil Unitswhat is a fan coil unit
  4. View Results
    • Recirculation Pump Duties
    • Chiller/Cooling Loads Tower cooling load air conditioning
    • Pipe Sizes, Flow Rates, Velocities, Pressure Dropsair conditioning pipe sizes
    • Index Lengthindex circuit pipe length
  5. Exports
    • PDF Exportair conditioning pdf
    • Bill of Materialsair conditioning bill of materials
    • Design Reportair conditioning design report
    • Calculation Spreadsheetair conditioning calculation spreadsheet
    • AutoCAD Export
    • Revit Sync


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h2x is design software built to ensure compliance, efficiency, accuracy and collaboration.


h2x’s straightforward user interface helps engineers produce high-quality designs and work more efficiently, all while adhering to industry regulations.


The software has already been used to size millions of kilometres of pipes in projects across the world.


Book a demo or signup for a free trial to discover how h2x can help you improve your design and calculation workflow.

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