Fixed vs Variable Speed Pumps

Fixed Speed vs. Variable Speed Pumps

Uncover the pros and cons of fixed vs. variable speed pumps in h2x Engineering’s informative blog post. Choose the right pump for your needs today!

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Expansion Vessels

101 on Expansion Vessels (Includes Calculation Example)

Gain a comprehensive understanding of expansion vessels inside this informative blog. Includes a calculation example for practical insights.

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CIRC PUMP + PIPE Hydronic Heating Systems h2x engineering

The Importance Of Correctly Sizing Recirculation Pumps In Heat Pump Systems (Includes A Worked Example)

Discover the importance of accurately sizing recirculation pumps in heat pump systems along with a worked example in this informative blog article.

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Pipe Sizing for Heat Pump Systems

Pipe Sizing for Heat Pump Systems (Includes a Worked Example)

It is commonly stated throughout the industry that heat pumps require 28mm pipes. This is a myth, is misleading, and should be avoided. Learn the correct way to size pipes for heat pump systems below.

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Boiler Systems vs Heat Pumps

Boiler Systems vs. Heat Pumps: Key Factors To Consider

Making an informed choice about boiler systems vs heat pumps involves understanding their high-level differences, technical nuances, and the logistics of transitioning from one to the other. Let’s delve into these aspects to help you navigate your decision.

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