Anti-Freeze Valves vs. Glycol

Choosing the Best Protection: Anti-Freeze Valves vs. Glycol in Heat Pump Systems

Discover the pros and cons of anti-freeze valves vs. glycol in heat pump systems. Make informed decisions for your heating projects!

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New Build Heat Standard

Meeting the Future with the New Build Heat Standard: Scotland’s Blueprint for Energy-Efficient Homes

Learn all about Scotland’s New Build Heat Standard: mandating energy-efficient homes with heat pumps. Embracing a greener future!

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Hydronic Design Software

Exploring Hydronic Design Software with h2x Engineering

Dive into hydronic design software with h2x! Understand the formula, optimise performance, revolutionise HVAC design, and more.

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Calculate Duct Size

How To Calculate Duct Size: A Comprehensive Guide

Learn how to calculate duct size effectively with h2x’s comprehensive guide below. Optimise airflow and efficiency within HVAC systems!

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Cascade Heat Pumps

Cascade Heat Pumps: Redefining Heating for Large Spaces

Discover the innovation of cascade heat pumps in our blog below! See how they redefine heating for large spaces with efficiency and reliability.

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