Revolutionising Heating Solutions: h2x and Eturnity Partner Up for Installers

Revolutionising Heating Solutions: h2x and Eturnity Partner Up for Installers

Revolutionising Heating Solutions: h2x and Eturnity Partner Up for Installers

Are you tired of the endless paperwork, inaccurate estimates, and time-consuming processes that come with selling heat pumps?

Say hello to the dynamic duo that’s here to revolutionise your workflow: Eturnity and h2x.

Together, we’re bringing a streamlined, efficient approach to heating solutions, designed specifically for installers like you.

Here’s how our partnership works and why it’s a game-changer for the industry.

Qualify Your Leads with Ease

Qualify Your Leads with Ease

Ever wondered how to separate the serious buyers from the window shoppers? Eturnity’s got you covered with their nifty heating calculator.

When a potential customer visits your website or gives you a call, you can quickly assess the viability of the lead.

No more guessing games – just high-quality leads that are ready to go.

The Full House Survey

Full House Survey

Once you’ve got a solid lead, it’s time for a deep dive.

Plan a full house survey, and in just 3 to 4 hours, you’ll have all the data you need for a standard 3-4 bedroom house.

Yes, your customers might need to take a little time off for that, but it’s a small hurdle in the grand scheme of things.

Enter h2x: The Tech Magic

h2x The Tech Magic

Now, here’s where it gets really cool.

Log into h2x and input the survey info.

h2x helps you build detailed floorplans and all sorts of MCS-aligned technical documents.

The platform spits out everything you need: heat loss calculations, accurate heat pump sizing, a comprehensive Bill of Materials (BOM), and much more.

Basically it’s like having a tech wizard on your team!

Seamless Integration for Strong Quotations

Seamless Integration for Quotations

Take the BOM and all those detailed documents from h2x and pop them into the Eturnity Expert system. Voila!

Then Eturnity transforms all that tech speak into a customer-friendly quotation.

This includes pricing, energy consumption estimates, and all the juicy details that make your offer irresistible.

It’s transparent, accurate, and trust-building-everything you need to close the deal.

Present, Impress, and Sell

Present, Impress, and Sell

With a polished, professional quotation in hand, you’re ready to wow your customer.

This smooth-running process means fewer drop-offs and more closed deals.

Therefore, by simplifying each step, Eturnity and h2x help you go from lead to sale faster than ever before.

Solving Your Pain Points

Solving Your Pain Points

We get it. The traditional process is a mess. Multiple tools, piles of paperwork, and lots of wasted time.

Also, customers often lose interest because it’s just too complicated.

And don’t get us started on the false advertising and misleading ads.

However, Eturnity and h2x are here to change all that.

By qualifying leads, automating document production and integrating systems, we’re cutting down on the hassle and making it easier for both installers and customers to move forward.

Why This Partnership Rocks

In a sea of similar services, Eturnity and h2x stand out by combining two critical steps into one smooth operation.

Eturnity’s lead qualification and customer-friendly quoting paired with h2x’s detailed technical assessments create a powerhouse partnership.

It’s efficient, it’s effective, and it’s exactly what you need to streamline your workflow.

Meet Us at the Installer Show in Birmingham

Want to see all this in action? Come check out Eturnity and h2x at the InstallerSHOW in Birmingham 25-27th June 2024.

Additionally, you’ll get live demos of how our tools can reshape your heating solutions.


Eturnity and h2x are leading the way and setting new standards in the heating solution industry.

Our partnership simplifies the process from lead qualification to customer-friendly quotations, giving installers the tools they need to succeed.

Therefore, with us leading the charge, the future of heating solutions looks bright, efficient, and transformative.

Experience the future of heating solutions with Eturnity and h2x-where technology meets efficiency, and innovation drives success.

Furthermore, for more information, you can check out Eturnity’s website here.

h2x: All-In-One Tool for Calculating, Designing, Estimating, and Paperwork

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Award-Winning Heating Design

"Using h2x was pivotal, allowing for precise heat loss calculations, pipe sizing and flow rates for each room.

This level of detail ensured that the heating load accurately matched each space's requirements, minimising energy waste and maximising comfort.

The strategic placement of heat pumps and careful sizing of pipework were crucial in maintaining minimal pressure drops over an 18-metre distance."

Greengate, UK

"I would estimate over the length of this project, I have spent 50% less time designing than I would on our previous software.

The ability to output the design straight into Revit assisted clash detection and coordination."

Salon Republic, USA

"The quality of the designs saw significant improvement with the adoption of h2x."

"The software offers precision through detailed result outputs and advanced options for efficient pipe sizing, allowing heating engineers to optimise based on parameters like maximum velocity and pressure drop."


What Installers Say

What Consultants Say

A game changer for the humble plumber. Incredible.

Brad Winkel

Director at Queenstown Plumbing

Brilliant, simple and easy to use. Game changer.

James Major

Director at Hubb

Big time game changer to the industry!

Viv Jude

Director at UHC

Incredible software! Super user-friendly and allows you to save so much time.

Devni Gamage

Engineer at DMA

h2x is great software, our company use it nearly every day. It is easy to use with direct conversion from h2x to Revit.

Callum Craig

Engineer at WDE

h2x is fantastic software. It is very easy to use and the ability to output to Revit is a fantastic time saver.

Joe Kirrane

Engineer at MEP