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Version 1.53.0 – Automated FCU & AHU Load Calculations & More

We have released Version 1.53.0 and Version 1.53.1 of our design software, which includes new exciting features: Automated FCU and AHU load calculations, and a clean-up of the Fire system user interface.

New Features


A new feature that automagically calculates FCU and AHU heating and cooling loads based on room requirements. This time-saving enhancement eliminates the need to manually select a specific unit for the required load, streamlining your workflow.

Additionally, we’ve improved the functionality of our underfloor heating calculations. Now, when selecting rooms connected to the UFH manifold, the system ensures the manifold never exceeds load requirements, preventing oversized heat sources.

Version 1.53.1


– The Fire system user interface has been cleaned up for ease of access to regular used features when designing a fire system.

Bug Fixes

– Various bug fixes to improve stability and user experience.


We are committed to continuously enhancing our engineering tool to provide you with the best possible experience.

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