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Version 1.56.0 & 1.57.0 – New Workflow Settings, Project Sorting Functionality & More

We have released Version 1.56.0 and Version 1.57.0 of our design software, which includes new features to enhance your experience: Magicplan integration, a revamped project page view, and improved settings and UI pages.


Version 1.56.0

New Features

We’re excited to announce we have started building in support for our upcoming Magicplan integration for existing building surveys.

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting new feature coming soon!

Bug Fixes

– Mechanical system settings now display correctly in the app.


– Increased heating and cooling loads granularity by displaying load ratings separately.


– General improvements and software performance upgrades to keep the h2x engine running smoothly.

Version 1.57.0

New Features

We’ve revamped the project page view, allowing users to see projects in a list format and sort them with ease.

Additionally, we have streamlined the settings page and UI.

Users can now select only the system they’re working on, with the UI perfectly matching their chosen workflow.

h2x New Workflow Settings

Bug Fixes

– The scale picker now works consistently.

– Radiator volume now appears in the radiator schedule if it wasn’t connected.

– The system now displays heat loss results even if the heat pump isn’t connected.


Based on user feedback, we’ve enhanced the heat load reports to include more detailed information in the exported versions.


Furthermore, h2x continuously enhances our engineering software to provide you with the best possible experience.

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