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Version 1.58.0 – Enhanced Heat Pump Warnings, Updated Flow Rates & More

We have released Version 1.58.0 and Version 1.58.1 of our design software, which includes new features to enhance your experience: improved heat pump warnings and updated minimum flow rates.


Version 1.58.0

New Features

We’ve enhanced our heat pump warnings to include Minimum Total System Volume and Minimum Pump Duties in our fields.

Therefore, users now receive a warning if the minimum requirements aren’t met, ensuring the most efficient heat pump system designs.

Additionally, we’ve updated the minimum flow rates to align with the new ASHRAE 62.1 standards.

h2x Heat Pump Warnings

Bug Fixes

– Users are now able to collapse the results filter.


– We’ve cleaned up the fluid settings, so that irrelevant fluid settings are not shown.

Version 1.58.1

Bug Fixes

– Cleaned up the spacing of projects on the app home page.

– Fixed a bug preventing 10mm copper from being selectable as a pipe size.

– Corrected an issue causing Room Heat Loss to not display on PDF exports.

– Users can now edit projects from the results view.

– Resolved an issue where the ID of an element appeared in reports instead of the name.


Furthermore, h2x continuously enhances our engineering tool to provide you with the best possible experience.

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