H2X Product Update - 1.10.7

H2X Product Update – 1.10.7

The latest release of H2X significantly improves performance and functionality.

1. Performance


Drawing is ∼4x faster

Calculations are ∼3x faster

Note the improvements are more noticeable on larger projects.

2. Managing Users

You are now able to add new users and deactivate existing users within your organisation.

The video below explains how you can do this:

This permission is only available to managers within your organisation. If you would like to do this but do not have permission in H2X, please send an email to jordan@h2xengineering.com and we will update this for you.

3 – Default Project Settings

Do you have a preferred calculation methodology, system parameters, and manufacturer products that you like to design with?

You can now set your preferences in the Project Setup Screen and H2X will set those as defaults for all future projects.

H2X Product Update - 1.10.7

Note you can still edit these settings during your project and update your default settings any time you create a new project.

Thank You

We’re committed to building a product that is influenced by the users and your continued feedback allows us to do that.

If there are any new features or improvements that you would like to see in a future update, we encourage you to share them with our development team by using the ‘Help’ button that you can find in the bottom right corner of the software.

If you would like to give H2X a try, you can start your 14-day free trial here.

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