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4 Hevacomp Alternatives in 2023

h2x is a modern day Hevacomp - easy to learn, fast to design, incredibly accurate, and offers a range of exports and integrations.

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Numerous design and calculation programs offer engineers compliance, efficiency and collaboration.

Among these is Bentley System’s Hevacomp — which allows users to design system layouts and receive results through automated calculations.

Hevacomp’s modelling software simplifies processes to unlock a range of desirable benefits, including:


  • Efficiency: The software reduces tedious work like measuring lines and counting fixtures is handled by the software
  • Extensive results: Hevacomp provides accurate flow rate calculations, pipe sizes, velocities, and pressures for engineers


Despite Hevacomp’s great features, some deficiencies have been noted by users, such as:


  • The tool is slow to input the relevant data
  • Requiring workarounds for flow rate calculations where there are below 300LU
  • A lack of updates means the usefulness of the software is diminishing
  • Hevacomp’s pricing is geared primarily towards medium-sized and enterprise businesses


Due to the deficiencies noted above, it was recently announced that Hevacomp will be discontinued in 2022 and is intended to be replaced with OpenBuildings.

The good news is that other solutions are available, whether you’re looking for a tool that’s easy to use, offers value for money, or has a good user rating.

Today we will examine the best Hevacomp alternatives currently available to engineers. Let’s get started.


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#1 h2x Engineering

Pipe Sizing Software l h2x Engineering

h2x was created by engineers that were frustrated with tedious, inefficient design processes, and the lack of software available to help.

The software is designed to provide benefits through the whole design phase of a project, with efficiency benefits compounding from as early as Stage 2.

Despite the efficiency of the software being a strong advantage, their main goal is to empower engineers to create high-quality designs.

A global user base relies on the CIBSE verified design software.

The h2x workflow consists of the following:


  • Step 1: Upload the PDF floor plan
  • Step 2: Set your calculation parameters
  • Step 3: Draw the system layout
  • Step 4: Review the results provided through automated calculations
  • Step 5: Download the calculations, bill of materials, and export the design to AutoCAD or Revit


There is a wide range of benefits that users enjoy with h2x; these include but are not limited to the following:


  • Increased productivity: h2x makes it possible to complete designs and calculations in a fraction of the time compared to alternative solutions
  • Accuracy: The software highlights issues during the design process to prevent errors, while verified CIBSE calculations give users confidence that their results are correct
  • Autodesk compatibility: Once their designs are complete, users can seamlessly export their designs from h2x into Revit and AutoCAD
  • Intuitive user interface: Learning how to use the software is quick and easy, so users can get up and running without requiring rigorous and time-consuming training
  • Instant redesigns: h2x allows users to easily make changes to their designs and calculations as the project stages evolve and the building layout changes
  • Easy deployment: Cloud-based software means that h2x users are not tethered to a single location and the team can log in from the office, at home, or on the project site
  • Customer support: Rated 4.9/5 for customer support, the global team is always available and ready to assist in whatever way they can
  • Software updates: h2x’s development team makes improvements to the software every week, meaning the product is constantly improving
  • Affordable: At £89/month, it is an investment easy to justify for teams of all sizes with significant time savings and improved quality assurance



“h2x is the complete software package that is a breath of fresh air compared to alternative hydraulic calculation software on the market. The usability of the system was effortless compared to its competitors in the UK.”

– Daniel, Director of Design 24 Consulting


Read more h2x user reviews here.

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#2 MagiCAD

MagiCAD is a Revit plug-in used by architects, engineers, and other professionals to create accurate, detailed drawings. The tool offers a wide range of features that allow you to create complex drawings.

The solution includes several BIM tools such as Dynamic Simulation, Electrical Designer, and Mechanical Designer. Dynamic Simulation allows users to create building simulations based on UK building regulations, while streamlining is possible via a single standard building model.

MagiCAD also provides users with the following:

  • An extensive library of manufacturer content: You can select the products you need, like valves, radiators, and diffusers, from Europe’s largest library of manufacturer-verified BIM objects.
  • Localised standards for integrated engineering calculations: MagiCAD’s BIM objects are modelled from physical products to a high level of detail, with the manufacturers’ correct dimensions and technical information.
  • Plugins and selection tools: MagiCAD provides a wide range of plugins for directly connecting manufacturers’ product selection, configuration and sizing software into MagiCAD.

#3 Stabicad

Stabicad is another Revit plug-in that allows engineers and contractors to increase efficiency while designing complex systems. The tools advanced calculation capabilities have also been verified by industry experts to ensure accuracy.

Whether you’re working on HVAC systems, electrical networks, or other complex projects, Stabicad is known for its robustness and compliance with crucial industry standards.

Some of Stabicad’s benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Design accuracy: Stabicad’s suite of calculations complies with the IET Wiring Regulations and CIBSE’s SVA. Stabicad lets you produce accurate calculations directly in the 3D model.
  • Detail: Change design components from generic to detailed and back again, allowing you to design to the level of detail that suits your project.
  • Custom workflows: Trimble Connect lets you easily auto-sync your new and existing projects to the cloud with just a few clicks.

#4 Cadline

Part of the VinZero Group, Cadline Ltd provides technology and services to improve business performance and support customers in project design, analysis and collaboration. Their software solutions are built to help users design everything from the 2D schematic to the most complex 3D building.

Coordination and analysis tools help keep designs on track throughout the process. Users can then manage designs and project data with extended teams using data management and cloud-based collaboration platforms.

In addition to that, users can also benefit from Cadline’s:

  • Support 360: A dedicated support team takes unlimited calls via phone, email or online, allowing you to focus on what you do best — your projects.
  • Training: Cadline offer dedicated training teams with core teaching skills and industry experience to help maximise the business’s software investment.

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Get started with advanced cloud-based engineering software


h2x is proven to increase productivity among engineering teams while providing a precise record of CIBSE-validated calculations.

By incorporating building information modelling (BIM) capabilities into our software, we’re helping engineers drastically improve the design and quality control in engineering

Our software allows engineers to design (and redesign) projects faster than ever while enhancing consistency, compliance, and accuracy.

We also foster collaboration, helping engineers work more efficiently and avoid costly mistakes.

Our design software is suited to consulting and contractor teams of all sizes:


  • Sole traders and small companies working on domestic and residential projects
  • Medium-sized companies working on commercial plumbing and heating systems
  • Large enterprises working on large-scale projects


By working with us, you can get access to a transparent, compliant and precise alternative to Hevacomp.


“I have spent 50% less time designing in H2X than I would on our previous software”

– Joe, Engineer at MEP Design


Read more H2X case studies here.


Start a free trial today if you’d like to see for yourself how H2X can consistently ensure quality outcomes.

h2x: All-In-One Tool for Calculating, Designing, Estimating, and Paperwork

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Award-Winning Heating Design

"Using h2x was pivotal, allowing for precise heat loss calculations, pipe sizing and flow rates for each room.

This level of detail ensured that the heating load accurately matched each space's requirements, minimising energy waste and maximising comfort.

The strategic placement of heat pumps and careful sizing of pipework were crucial in maintaining minimal pressure drops over an 18-metre distance."

Greengate, UK

"I would estimate over the length of this project, I have spent 50% less time designing than I would on our previous software.

The ability to output the design straight into Revit assisted clash detection and coordination."

Salon Republic, USA

"The quality of the designs saw significant improvement with the adoption of h2x."

"The software offers precision through detailed result outputs and advanced options for efficient pipe sizing, allowing heating engineers to optimise based on parameters like maximum velocity and pressure drop."


What Installers Say

What Consultants Say

A game changer for the humble plumber. Incredible.

Brad Winkel

Director at Queenstown Plumbing

Brilliant, simple and easy to use. Game changer.

James Major

Director at Hubb

Big time game changer to the industry!

Viv Jude

Director at UHC

Incredible software! Super user-friendly and allows you to save so much time.

Devni Gamage

Engineer at DMA

h2x is great software, our company use it nearly every day. It is easy to use with direct conversion from h2x to Revit.

Callum Craig

Engineer at WDE

h2x is fantastic software. It is very easy to use and the ability to output to Revit is a fantastic time saver.

Joe Kirrane

Engineer at MEP