Design with Dutypoint Products

Design with Dutypoint Products

Design with Dutypoint Products

H2X has collaborated with Dutypoint to provide Booster Pump and ScubaTank specifications.

Operating since 1976, Dutypoint has become one of the leading players in fluid technology trusted by clients both in the UK and overseas. Integrity, transparency, accountability and clear communication are crucial to how they do business. They stand by what they say, today and every day.

Booster Pumps

Design with Dutypoint Products

H2X is used by designers to undertake a variety of calculations. One of the most important calculations that are undertaken relates to pressure.

If you do not meet the minimum inlet pressure at a fixture, warnings will appear to make you aware of this and prompt you to add a booster pump to your design.

Design with Dutypoint Products

Now, when users add the booster pump, H2X will calculate the required pump duty:

Flow Rate – calculated by the number of fixtures/nodes connected to the pump

Pressure – calculated by meeting the ‘Minimum Inlet Pressure’ at every fixture/node

Then, based on the configuration that you select (Duty/Standby or Duty/Assist/Standby), H2X will provide the relevant Dutypoint model to suit your project.

As shown in the image below, a ‘Duty/Standby’ pump which requires a flow rate of 2.35 L/s and an extra 1.41 bar of pressure will specify the relevant Dutypoint Model – VG2-5HME06-LSM.

Design with Dutypoint Products

This video explains how this feature works in more detail.

ScubaTANK – The Combined Booster Pump & Tank Solution

Design with Dutypoint Products

ScubaTANK® is a booster pump and tank combined into one to maximise water storage in a small footprint. Not only does this product save space, but it is also very quiet running by virtue of the submersible pumps. Plus the designer can be assured that the solution will comply with the water regulations as the ScubaTANK® range is fully WRAS approved.

This tried and tested all-in-one solution saves installation time on site too, not to mention the many standard customisations designers can choose from to suit specific site requirements. And the good news is you can now specify ScubaTANK® in H2X!

Click here to find out more and gain access to datasheets, drawings, CAD files, specification templates, etc.

The booster pump is calculated as described in the ‘Booster Pump’ section above.

The storage tank capacity can be manually specified or calculated based on storing X minutes of the peak flow rate.

As shown in the image below, a ‘Duty/Standby’ pump which requires a flow rate of 1.35 L/s and 2.31 bar with 20 minutes of peak flow rate storage will specify Dutypoint ScubaTANK – WX2-5060-1650.

Design with Dutypoint Products
Design with Dutypoint Products

If you want to learn more about the collaboration between H2X and Dutypoint, Book a Demo and one of our experts will take you through a tailored demonstration of how it works.

Design with Dutypoint Products

5 Reasons Industry Experts Design with H2X

  • Exceptional Support
  • Proven & Reliable
  • Ease Of Use
  • Built By The Industry
  • Worldwide User Base

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