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Hydraulic Services Design Guide 5th Edition March 2022

The Hydraulic Services Design Guide was first published in 2014 and has been updated 4 times since. It is a free resource published by the International Copper Association and has been developed for Australian and New Zealand Hydraulic design engineers and plumbing contractors responsible for designing plumbing systems for commercial high rise and industrial buildings.

Updates for 2022 include

​Chapter 1

​Revision to the introduction and introduce The Copper Mark program

​Chapter 4

​Provide an explanation of The Copper Mark program

​Chapter 7 & 10

​Introduction of ‘Lead-Free’ regulation

​Chapter 17

​Introduction of plumbing design software - H2X

The first part of the design guide focuses on Copper, with chapters on history, production, specification and limitations. The second part includes design principles, cold water system design, hot water system design, warm water systems, pumps, design guidelines, pipe sizing guide and design methods.

The design guide is particularly useful for anyone starting out in hydraulic services design, such as students, graduate engineers or plumbing contractors transitioning into design services.

H2X was approached by the International Copper Association to be included in the latest edition of the design guide as they recognised the digital progression of hydraulic design methods.

You can read or download the design guide at the link below. H2X is featured on pages 171-173.

Hydraulic Services Design Guide 5th Edition - March 2022