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Version 1.58.2 & 1.58.3 – Improved PDF Upload Workflow

We are excited to announce the release of Version 1.58.2 and Version 1.58.3 of our design software.

These updates include a significant enhancement to your workflow: the PDF upload process is now overhauled, allowing multiple PDFs to be uploaded in one batch and automatically splitting multi-page PDFs for better organisation and ease of use.


Version 1.58.3

New Features

We have significantly improved the workflow for uploading PDFs on projects.

Now, you can upload multiple PDFs at once, and the system will automatically split multi-page PDFs for better organisation.

Additionally, we’ve added the ability to nominate the United Kingdom as a project hosting location, expanding your options for project management.

h2x Improved PDF Upload Workflow

Bug Fixes

– Resolved a login error preventing users from accessing the site.

– Fixed an issue where trial users missed the h2x introduction, due to privacy settings.

– Corrected a bug that caused radiator volume to be missing in the results.

– Restored the ability to view U Values for insulation materials.


– Users are now able to access their deleted projects.

Version 1.58.2

Bug Fixes

– Resolved an issue where design mode buttons disappeared if all workflows in a set were disabled.

– Fixed the problem preventing users not logged into the site from accessing project read-only links.

– Cleaned up the warning language on PRV for better comprehension.


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