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H2X Product Update - 1.10.2

H2X will now size your booster pumps, calculate dead leg wait times, and has some general improvements to the usability.

1 - Booster Pump Sizing

The pump duty results are based on the system layout downstream of the pump:

Flow Rate - calculated by the number of fixtures/nodes connected

Pressure - calculated by meeting the 'Minimum Inlet Pressure' at every fixture/node

2 - Dead Leg Results

The following dead leg results are provided for hot and cold* water systems:

  • Wait times**

  • Length

  • Volume

* The cold water dead leg is calculated from where a pipe that supplies a single fixture connects to a pipe that supplies multiple fixtures

** The wait time is based on the peak flow rate calculation, not the fixture's specific flow rate. For example, using AS/NZS 3500, a basin (1 LU) has a peak flow rate of 0.09 L/sec and that is used for the wait time calculation. If the fixture's flow rate in real life is different, the wait time in real life will be different

3 - PDF Scaling

Scaling the uploaded PDF is now easier and more accurate as you can choose the paper size and scale from the drop-down menu.

You can also still set a custom scale if you need to (for scanned documents).

5 - DIN Extrapolation

DIN state that their peak flow rate calculation formula is only applicable up to a full flow rate of 500 L/sec.

Where a project exceeds this, the project will calculate using the same formula but will let you know that the result has been extrapolated and it may be prudent to choose a different calculation methodology.

6 - MLCP Pipe

A new pipe material, MLCP, has been added to the database for users to design with.

Thank You

We’re committed to building a product that is influenced by the users and your continued feedback allows us to do that.

If there are any new features or improvements that you would like to see in a future update, we encourage you to share them with our development team by using the ‘Help’ button that you can find in the bottom right corner of the software.

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