Walsh Bay Arts Precinct, Australia

Walsh Bay Arts Precinct, Australia case study at h2x engineering
Walsh Bay Arts Precinct, Australia case study at h2x engineering

The project:


The redevelopment of the Walsh Bay Arts Precinct is a priority infrastructure project for the NSW Government.


The redevelopment will create a public arts and cultural hub on Sydney’s famous waterfront, while preserving its iconic heritage.


On completion, the revitalised Walsh Bay Arts precinct will be home to an expanded group of companies: Sydney Theatre Company, Sydney Dance Company, Bangarra Dance Theatre, Sydney Philharmonia Choirs, Gondwana Choirs, The Song Company, Bell Shakespeare, Australian Chamber Orchestra and Australian Theatre for Young People.


How long did it take to design the project in h2x? How long would it have taken to use traditional methods?


Due to its individual requirements of tenant usage, the initial calculations took roughly 4/5 days to complete and were very intricate.


When we compared this against h2x, there was a time saving of 2 days, plus we had a design at the end of this as well, saving even more time. 


Did h2x increase quality of design and if so, how?


h2x allowed Ilias Design Group to quickly design & size the project in a one stop solution.


The software has customisable inputs which allowed us to enter in specific flow rates for public bathrooms and staff wet areas and easily track where custom inputs were made in non-typical areas.


This made QA far easier than reviewing hand written calculations.


What do you like about using H2X in comparison to traditional methods?


We like the time saving value it added to our company versus traditional spreadsheets.


It is far more enjoyable to use than excel and the amount of information gathered from h2x is incomparable.


h2x provides instant pipe size, pressures, velocity, flow & return sizing , design fault notices.


It is far more valuable & versatile than excel.

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