One Circular Quay Hotel, Australia

One Circular Quay Hotel, Sydney, Australia
One Circular Quay Hotel, Sydney, Australia

Sparks+Partners Consulting Engineers completed the pipe sizing calculations in just 2 hours for a one-of-a-kind 60-storey hotel using our h2x Engineering software.


Located in Sydney, Australia, the One Circular Quay building had a complex hot water recirculation system, due to the height of the hotel.


After completing the calculations with h2x, senior engineer Larson Dsouza shared the CIBSE-verified results with the peer-review engineer to confirm the design was correct.


Check out our testimonial with Sparks+Partners Consulting Engineers in the video below. Just like the managing director, Leon Dimino, said in the case study – without using h2x software, this work would have taken him at least 2 days with at least 2 members of staff!


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