Large Domestic Renovation, UK

Large Domestic Renovation, UK
Large Domestic Renovation, UK

What’s the project?

The project is a large domestic renovation, 580sqm in area.

Two Nibe heat pumps are being fitted in cascade, situated 20 meters away from the house at the rear of the garden.

There are two floors of underfloor heating with 3 manifold positions to cater for.

The main plant room (located in the extension of the house) is housing a 500ltr cylinder, a 200ltr buffer, with a 450ltr Powertank break tank.

We are tasked with running all the plumbing and heating for the property.

How long did it take to design the project in h2x?

Overall full design and calculation took me a working day with h2x, where some amendments were made and moved positions of manifolds and pipework etc., to get the most efficient set up we could.

If this was to be done by hand so to speak easily would have been a few days to a week.

Did h2x increase the quality of design and if so, how?

Absolutely. Pipe sizing is a dream with h2x being able to quickly change pipe types from copper to MLCP.

Being able to set a velocity limit of 1 means we have all the pipe sizes calculated with correct flow rates and velocity.

h2x takes away the worry of a miscalculation or undersizing of pipe work potential.

It also enables us to move locations of items if the pipe size is larger than we can accommodate, and gives us the ability to have meaningful conversations with customers and developers about how best to lay the plant and emitters/manifolds along with pipe routes to maximise the potential of the system.

What do you like about using h2x in comparison to traditional methods?

I like the time it saves me and the confidence I have in the software.

The professional layout of the data produced is excellent to pass on to my clients for their records.

Being able to clearly demonstrate pipe runs and sizes, and where they will go helps my colleagues to install the system efficiently, which also saves time on site and errors.

Case Study From:

Mark Denman of JMR Heating and Energy.

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