Domestic Heat Pump, Lancashire UK

Domestic Heat Pump, Lancashire UK
Domestic Heat Pump, Lancashire UK

The project:


The project is a 4-bed bungalow in Lancashire, which requires a full heating and plumbing re-fit following a new extension and renovation.


There are 2 bathrooms, a kitchen and utility room and the entire property will be heated using underfloor space heating from 2 manifolds, calculated for a combined output of 12.8kW.


We will be installing a Vaillant Arotherm 12kW Heat Pump and 300L Vaillant Hot Water Cylinder.


Did h2x increase the quality of the design and if so, how?


Yes definitely, we’d previously had some advice that the pipe run from the heat pump to the cylinder would need to be a 28mm, however after running it through H2X we found that it needed a 35mm pipe.


When we modelled a 28mm pipe in H2X, the velocity went up to 1.2m/s which is outside of the MCS guidelines.


Drawing up the model in H2X helped us to get the pipe sizes correct and avoid potential issues later down the track.


What do you like about using h2x?


After learning how to use the software, we are able to have a domestic project sized in no more than an hour or two.


We get a presentable PDF drawing set to share with our client and h2x automatically generates the Bill of Quantities at the same time, which is great for estimating and material orders.


Most importantly, we have accurate pipe-sizing calculations for our heat-pump installations which ultimately leads to well-performing systems and happy clients.


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Heating and Plumbing by Grant Store Ltd


Architecture by 35 the Studio Ltd

Case Study From:

Grant Store Ltd.

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