TAFE Verifies Calculations In Real-Life

Real-Life Verification of h2x's Hot Water Recirculating System Calculations by TAFE
Real-Life Verification of h2x's Hot Water Recirculating System Calculations by TAFE


At h2x, we focus on creating tools that deliver exceptional results.

Therefore, we are excited to share a recent success story from TAFE, where our software was used to design a hot water recirculating system in their plumbing and gas fitting workshop.

After installation and commissioning, they were amazed to see the real-world results matched exactly with the h2x calculations.

Overall, this project showcases h2x’s accuracy and reliability, highlighting its unique impact in an educational setting.

The Project

TAFE designed and built a two-circuit circulating hot water system in their workshop, incorporating two balancing valve types and two circulating pump types on selectable sub-loops.

The goal was to demonstrate the nuances and effectiveness of each approach.

The project lead, Alan, says:

“To maximise our educational impact, we’ve designed and built a two-circuit circulating HW system in our plumbing and gas fitting workshop, and h2x was the tool used to determine the pipe, valve, and pump specifications.”

Bringing the Design to Life

With the design in hand, the next step was implementation.

TAFE assembled the system, following the specifications provided by h2x to the letter.

The team set the balancing valves according to the provided kV values and perfectly matched the pumps to setting recommendations.

They were eager to see if the theoretical calculations would hold up in practice, particularly regarding temperature balance and total circuit heat loss.

Bringing the Design to Life

Real-World Results

The moment of truth arrived when they commissioned the system and began measuring its performance. Alan was excited to see:

“The real-life temperatures aligned perfectly with the design temperatures calculated by h2x.”

Furthermore, this was a resounding affirmation of the software’s accuracy and reliability.

Real-World Results


As the project lead concluded:

“This is an excellent result for ‘paper-based’ commissioning and a verification of the accuracy of the h2x system.”

Although we were already confident in the accuracy of h2x, due to extensive testing and CIBSE verification, it’s always great to hear of real-world verifications by third-party industry leaders.

Overall, the successful alignment of real-life and design temperatures demonstrated the exceptional precision of h2x.

Conclusion - Real Life Verification of h2x Hot Water Recirculating System Calculations by TAFE


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