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H2X Product Update - 1.8.3


Product update version 1.8.3 was released on March 7th 2022 and includes a new Design Report and Calculation Export.

 March 9th, 2022

Design Report


The following information is provided within the report:


  • Cover Sheet

    • Includes general project information

  • Contents

  • Design Summary

    • Provides an overview of the project

    • Summarises the project calculation methodology

  • Design Parameters

    • Includes a summary of the velocities, materials, etc. of each system

  • Product Information

    • Provides the technical properties of the products used e.g. pipe internal diameters, pressure loss through valves, etc.

  • Reference PDFs


An example of the Design Report can be seen in the image below.

Design & Calculation Report Export


Whilst H2X already allows you to view detailed calculations and results within the platform, this new feature will allow you to export the information, save it locally, and undertake a thorough QA review on your projects.

Watch the video below to get a full walkthrough of how the new feature works!

Bug Fixes

  1. The snapping of pipes/fittings that are being dragged has been improved

  2. White boxes on the results page have been removed


Thank you for your continued feedback that allows us to improve H2X’s capabilities and user interface. 


We’re committed to building a product that is influenced by the users. 


If there are any new features or improvements that you would like to see in a future update, we encourage you to share them with our development team by using the ‘Help’ button that you can find in the bottom right corner of the software.

Water, Gas, and Drainage Calculation Spreadsheets


Every component of your design is included within a spreadsheet export.


For example, after completing a water design, you will receive a spreadsheet that includes the following information for each component within the design:


  • Flow Sources

    • Residual Pressure

    • Static Pressure

    • Height

  • Pipes

    • Loading Units

    • Continuous Flow Rates

    • Peak Flow Rates

    • Nominal Diameter

    • Internal Diameter

    • Material

    • Velocity

    • Colebrook White Coefficient

    • Pressure Drop

    • Length

    • Heat Loss Flow Rate

  • Plant

    • Name

    • Model

    • Inlet Pressure

    • Outlet Pressure

    • Dimensions

  • Valves

    • Name 

    • Size

    • kV Value

    • Flow Rate

    • Pressure Drop

  • Fittings

    • Name 

    • Size

    • kV Value

    • Flow Rate

    • Pressure Drop

  • Fixtures/Nodes

    • Name

    • Loading Units

    • Continuous Flow Rate

    • Residual Pressure

    • Static Pressure

    • Dead Leg Volume

    • Dead Leg Length


An example of the Water Calculation Spreadsheet can be seen in the image below.