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User-friendly software that allows different design options to be quickly and accurately sized.

Mathew Yanez

Director of Plumbing Design Solutions

Simple and easy to use and saves hours on re-design/recalculating when the architect changes the floor plans!

Nick Soden

Director at NAS Hydraulics

Great product. H2X saves time on calculations and markups, allowing you to do both simultaneously.

Josh Borthwick

Hydraulic Engineer at AECOM

The complete software package was a breath of fresh air compared to alternative hydraulic calculation software on the market. The usability of the system was effortless compared to it's competitors in the UK. It is a free flowing piece of software which allows the user to design, distribute and calculate domestic water services.

Daniel Collins

Director at Design 24 Consulting

H2X has helped us streamline some areas of our workflow by consistently allowing us to size and analyse our designs at markup stage across a broad range of projects. Currently, it is being used in residential and commercial projects.

Blake Mead

Plumbing Engineer at Intrax

Very, very useful tool that is likely to make a real impact in the industry. The team are extremely helpful, proactive and knowledgeable - able to provide general plumbing design advice as well as that pertaining to the software itself.

Kane Bailey

Plumbing Engineer at Stantec

Customer Success


Domestic Heat Pump, Lancashire UK

Domestic Heat Pump, Lancashire UK


Aged Care Facility, Australia

Aged Care Facility, Australia


01 Can I try H2X for free?

Our 14-day free trial gives you access to all H2X features.

After the free trial, you will have read-only access and full access will be achieved if you start the subscription.

03 Can I have a demo of H2X?



We offer a presentation to explain the benefits of using H2X and a live demo to show you how it works.

02 Cancellation policy?

You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Your subscription will remain active until the end of your current billing cycle.

04 What happens to my data if I stop using H2X?

Your data will remain stored on the H2X platform and can be accessed as read-only.


No editing will be allowed unless a subscription begins.