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Generate a fully calculated, costed, 

Revit model from a PDF sketch.

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From sole traders to global design firms, engineering teams of all sizes use H2X

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Increase productivity​

Our customers report up to 400% efficiencies

Remove human error​

You do not need to transfer information between drawings and spreadsheets

Improve the review​ process

Review the design and calculations in one central place

Standardize team outcomes

Teams can design and undertake calculations following the same standardized process

Share your design​

Designs can be shared internally or externally for drafting and reviewing

Redesign instantly​

Keep up to date with architectural design changes and explore different design options easily

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How does H2X work?

1. Draw

Upload PDF


Add valves and plant

Draw pipes

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2. Automate (4).gif

Focus on the design

We look after the calculations

Pipe sizes, flow rates, pressures, velocities, heat loss

Water, gas, sanitary drainage

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3. Export

Read-only link

PDF set

Bill of materials and cost

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Why use H2X?

Quality Assurance


Consistent outcomes

Design warnings

Avoid human error

Audit ready

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Increase Productivity

Work efficiently

Meet deadlines

Less late nights

Higher profit margins

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Case Studies


Walsh Bay Arts Precinct designed by Ilias Design Group 

"There was a time saving of 2 days, plus we had a design at the end of this as well"
"QA is far easier than reviewing handwritten calculations"
Read the full case study here.


17 York Street designed by Sparks & Partners

"It took me 3 hours to do the calculations for the entire building. Traditionally, it would have taken around 2 days"

"QA is much easier and warnings are provided"
Read the full case study here.

Technical Resources


Nick Soden

Senior Hydraulic Consultant

"H2X lifts the accuracy of our hydraulic design calculations and pipe sizing in a simple, effective and cost-efficient manner"


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