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CIBSE Verified Calculations

H2X has received the CIBSE Software Verification Assessment for Water Services Calculations.

The Domestic Water Services test covers both Hot and Cold services and tests a comprehensive range of design scenarios to verify the following calculation results:


  • Peak Flow Rates

  • Pipe Sizing

  • ​Pipe Pressure Loss

  • Fitting Pressure Loss​​​​​​​​​​

  • Velocity 

CIBSE was founded in the UK in 1976  and now has over 20,000 members across 100 countries.

The Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE), is an independent body and global leader in all things building services.

CIBSE invest in education and research to support built environment professionals in their pursuit of excellence.

Recognizing the switch towards digital calculation methods CIBSE now offers the SVA service to provide independent testing of software systems used for specific design functions.

What does the SVA Include?

What is CIBSE?

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Since H2X was launched, engineers around the world have used our software to achieve detailed and accurate calculation results.

After receiving CIBSE's Software Verification Assessment, our users now have confidence that the calculations being undertaken in H2X are at an industry-leading level of quality.


This means that users of H2X not only provide their clients with compliant and accurate designs, but they are able to do it in a more efficient timeline.

Industry-Leading Accuracy

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Commercial Buildings

Casinos in Australia, offices in the UK, stadiums in the Middle East, you name it - H2X has done it.

H2X’s unique features have allowed engineers the ability not only to meet deadlines with ease but also provide value-engineered design options - allowing you to impress clients with high-quality plumbing designs.

Residential Properties

Using H2X, you can easily design a residential building, no matter the size or scale. From single-storey domestic jobs to care homes and even landmark high rises - we have you covered.

Design confidently on any type of residential project with our ability to assess different designs while considering any unique systems, such as rainwater reuse.

Healthcare Centres

H2X has been used on a wide range of healthcare projects, from regional medical clinics to major city-centre hospitals with thousands of beds. Our automatic dead leg calculations help engineers meet the stringent requirements that healthcare projects demand.

The ability to design reverse osmosis and renal dialysis systems ensure all specialised areas of the building can be accurately designed.

H2X users save up to 83% on the average design and calculation time for large commercial fit-outs.

H2X users save up to 63% on the average design and calculation time for large residential buildings.

H2X users save up to 80% on the average design and calculation time for large healthcare buildings.


Design Changes

It is difficult to review your team's calculations

You receive RFIs about sizes and do not have the information to respond straight away

Sharing your calculations for external review is difficult

Detailed and accurate results are displayed on every component, so reviewing is painless 

Extracting results from the design is simple and fast

H2X's shareable link and calculation export make sharing your results transparent and straightforward.

Review Process

Team members use different spreadsheets

The spreadsheets your team use are unverified

Your team spend a lot of time​​​​​​ inputting the information

You are concerned about the risk of human error

H2X provides a uniform calculation method, ensuring consistent outcomes across the team.

H2X water services calculations are verified by CIBSE

H2X is proven to reduce design & calculation time by up to 72%

Design warnings prevent mistakes from happening

Using Spreadsheets

If your team experience any of the problems listed below, H2X offers a solution for you.

How Does H2X Improve Your Quality Control Process?

Your team spend a lot of time keeping up with the Architect's layout changes

Requests from the design team require you to restart your calculation process

H2X's floor plan update feature makes it easy to keep up with changes

Update the system layout and your calculations will update instantly

Ready To Start Using H2X For Your Next Project?

H2X is an innovative cloud-based engineering software tool that significantly reduces design time by up to 72% whilst also improving design efficiency, quality, and compliance.

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