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What H2X Engineering Is All About

You know what H2X plumbing design software does. Now learn why we do it.

Where It All Started

H2X Engineering was founded by engineers who were frustrated with the tedious process of traditional plumbing design methods.

The idea for H2X was sparked in 2019 by Jonathan Mousdell, a Senior Plumbing Engineer, who realised that traditional methods of designing plumbing systems were not only inefficient but often non-compliant and un-auditable.

Tired of paper drawings, measuring and counting components, and calculating results using various spreadsheets - he wanted something better for the industry.

Jonathan Mousdell

Co-Founder & CEO

Jordan Mills

Co-Founder & CCO

Calin Pupaza

Co-Founder & CTO

Andrew Hudson

Co-Founder & CFO


Complete calculations in a fraction of the time.


Focus on the bigger picture and most importantly, make it home on time.


H2X calculates to a level of detail not previously possible.

Respond to RFI's with detailed calculation data.


Avoid human error and replace 'rule of thumb'  with transparent, compliant and accurate engineering.


H2X enables innovative teams to standardise processes. 


Auditing procedures can be effective rather than a tick box exercise.


Created By Engineers For Engineers

The Journey

It is incredible to look at how far we have come since we started out as a cold water pipe sizing tool. It is even more incredible to look at our exciting plans for the future.

Engineers are often surprised at how well we fit into their design workflow, and the depth at which we can help them - this is not a coincidence.


Since day 1, our users have been requesting features which has seen us grow into the service we offer today and what we will provide in the future.


What we are creating at H2X is aimed at improving the quality of the industry.

Unhealthy competition between engineering companies has caused lower project fees.


Coupled with the rise of 'Design & Construct' projects, this has led to a decrease in the quality of designs produced by engineers. 



of all defects come from mistakes made in the design phase?

H2X was born to change all of this


The Why Behind H2X

Our mission is to improve the quality of plumbing designs 

Ready To Start?

H2X significantly reduces design time by up to 72% and dramatically increases quality by removing human error from the process and providing design warnings.

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We knew we couldn't just improve one part of the plumbing engineer's design process.


Our involvement and improvement across the whole design process makes us unique.

Provide a central place for all design, calculations, and reviews to be undertaken

Begin with just a PDF of the architectural layout so you can start your design early in the project

Allow users to focus on the most important design tasks by automating tedious measuring and counting

Make it easy to update when the architect or engineers make changes or requests that affect your design

Provide warnings for the most common mistakes so that they are caught early in the design phase

Global Design Firms, Medium-Sized Consultancies, Sole Traders and Contractors