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55% of Building Defects Attributed to Poor Design – are you at Risk?

Alarming statistics show that 55% of building defects are caused by human error. Find out why they are so common.

55% of Building Defects Attributed to Poor Design - are you at Risk?

Why are defects so common?

“Literature highlights human error as the immediate cause of building defects”.

The study found that human errors that lead to building defects are caused by:

  • Poor workmanship;
  • Poor supervision;
  • Lack of skills and knowledge;
  • Lack of motivation;
  • Personnel change in organization;
  • ‘Lowest bid wins’ strategy; and
  • Time constraints.

To anyone with experience working in the industry, those issues will be very familiar.

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What is the consequence of designing a defect?

Defects in your design have the potential to be devastating to your business.

With the introduction of new laws such as the Design and Building Practitioners Act, defects are no longer being accepted as ‘part of the building process’. And rightly so.

Under the new Act, professionals carrying out engineering work have a duty of care to their clients to avoid economic loss through defects. In simpler terms, design mistakes caused by one of the bullet points above will be at your company’s cost.

How can we help?

H2X was developed to overcome two fundamental issues in the industry that relate to human errors:

  1. “Too busy” – being overworked is dangerous for your business and your client
  2. “I just know” – cutting corners with your calculations is dangerous for your business and your client

H2X allows you to work more efficiently whilst providing a record of highly accurate calculations that will protect you should you ever be audited. You can read independent reviews about how our users enjoy these benefits here.

If you are interested in learning how H2X can benefit and futureproof your company, you can speak to our development team or start a free trial by following the below link(s).

5 Reasons Industry Experts Design with H2X

  • Exceptional Support
  • Proven & Reliable
  • Ease Of Use
  • Built By The Industry
  • Worldwide User Base

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